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KDON type oxygen and nitrogen air separation equipment

Oxygen and nitrogen air separation equipment is a set of air separation equipment that simultaneously extracts oxygen and nitrogen from the air. It is a new type of process with a turbo expander. The purified air entering the tower exchanges heat with the reflux gas in the main heat exchanger, is gradually cooled into saturated air, with a small amount of liquefaction, and then enters the lower tower for rectification. Distillation is the process of obtaining pure oxygen and pure nitrogen by partial evaporation and partial condensation in a fractionating tower with different boiling points of oxygen and nitrogen. The role of the lower fractionation tower is to produce liquid air and liquid nitrogen. The function of the main condensing evaporator is to evaporate liquid oxygen and condense gas nitrogen at different pressures under low pressure, and the function of the upper fractionation tower is to obtain product oxygen and nitrogen.
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