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KDN type high purity nitrogen air separation equipment

Cryogenic nitrogen production can not only produce nitrogen but also liquid nitrogen, which satisfies the technological requirements that require liquid nitrogen, and can be stored in a liquid nitrogen storage tank. When there is an intermittent nitrogen load or air separation equipment minor repairs, the liquid nitrogen in the storage tank After entering the vaporizer and being heated, it is fed into the product nitrogen pipeline to satisfy the nitrogen demand of the process equipment. The operation cycle of cryogenic nitrogen production (referring to the interval between two large heatings) is generally more than one year. Therefore, cryogenic nitrogen production is generally not considered for standby. Cryogenic nitrogen production can produce nitrogen with a purity of ≧99.999%. Nitrogen purity is limited by (de dan qi _dan qi chun du shou dao) nitrogen load, the number of trays, tray efficiency and oxygen purity in the liquid air, and the adjustment range is very small. Therefore, for a set of cryogenic nitrogen production equipment, the product purity is basically certain, which is inconvenient to adjust.
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