ZLN Small Liquid Nitrogen Equipment

The fully automatic compact liquid nitrogen supply station produces nitrogen from the air, which is liquefied into liquid nitrogen by a nitrogen liquefier and stored in a liquid nitrogen storage tank. With a compact structure, it can continuously and conveniently supply liquid nitrogen, and can be used as a source of supply for small amounts of liquid nitrogen in the area. The nitrogen liquefier uses a mixed refrigerant throttling refrigeration machine or a tetrathlon refrigeration machine as the cooling source. Our company's series of nitrogen liquefier products can provide customers with more choices, establish small nitrogen liquefaction stations for major laboratories, and timely solve the needs of liquid nitrogen use.

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KDN type high-purity nitrogen air separation equipment

Deep cooling nitrogen production can not only produce nitrogen but also liquid nitrogen. Satisfying the process requirements for liquid nitrogen, it can also be stored in a liquid nitrogen storage tank. When there is an intermittent load of nitrogen or a minor repair of the air separation equipment, the liquid nitrogen in the storage tank enters the vaporizer and is heated before being sent to the product nitrogen pipeline to meet the nitrogen demand of the process unit. The operating cycle of cryogenic nitrogen production (referring to the interval between two large heating cycles) is generally more than 1 year, therefore, cryogenic nitrogen production generally does not consider backup. Cryogenic nitrogen production can produce nitrogen with a purity of ≥ 99.999%. The purity of nitrogen is limited by the nitrogen load, number of trays, tray efficiency, and oxygen purity in the liquid air, with a small adjustment range. Therefore, for a set of cryogenic nitrogen production equipment, the product purity is basically certain, which is inconvenient to adjust. When the adsorber is absorbed to a certain extent, the adsorbent in it will reach a saturated state. At this time, a vacuum pump is used to vacuum the adsorber through the switching valve (opposite to the adsorption direction), and the vacuum degree is 0.65-0.75barg. The absorbed water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and a small amount of other gas components are pumped out to the atmosphere and the adsorbent is regenerated.

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KDON (Y) type all-liquid air separation equipment

Description of all-liquid air separation process Liquid air separation equipment usually refers to air separation equipment that directly produces liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen products. This type of air separation equipment generally does not produce or produces a small amount of gas products. In order to obtain a large amount of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen products, there are roughly two methods at present: one is to first produce gaseous products, and then use liquefaction equipment to liquefy the gaseous products as needed. This method has relatively high energy consumption; the other is The method is to directly use liquid air equipment to produce liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen products. Compared with the former, this method has lower energy consumption. From the organization of the process, the liquid air separation equipment can be regarded as the conventional gaseous product air separation equipment and liquefaction equipment. The combination of the two, so its process is relatively complicated. In order to reduce the medium consumption of the liquid air separation equipment products, a technical comparison of multiple schemes should be carried out in the organization of the process flow according to the demand conditions put forward by the user.

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KDON type oxygen and nitrogen air separation equipment

Oxygen and nitrogen air separation equipment is a set of air separation equipment that simultaneously extracts oxygen and nitrogen from the air. It is a new type of process with a turbo expander. The purified air entering the tower exchanges heat with the reflux gas in the main heat exchanger, is gradually cooled into saturated air, with a small amount of liquefaction, and then enters the lower tower for rectification. Distillation is the process of obtaining pure oxygen and pure nitrogen by partial evaporation and partial condensation in a fractionating tower with different boiling points of oxygen and nitrogen. The role of the lower fractionation tower is to produce liquid air and liquid nitrogen. The function of the main condensing evaporator is to evaporate liquid oxygen and condense gas nitrogen at different pressures under low pressure, and the function of the upper fractionation tower is to obtain product oxygen and nitrogen.

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