Small nitrogen generator

The fully automatic compact liquid nitrogen supply station produces nitrogen from the air, which is liquefied into liquid nitrogen by a nitrogen liquefier and stored in a liquid nitrogen storage tank. With a compact structure, it can continuously and conveniently supply liquid nitrogen, and can be used as a source of supply for small amounts of liquid nitrogen in the area. The nitrogen liquefier uses a mixed refrigerant throttling refrigeration machine or a tetrathlon refrigeration machine as the cooling source. Our company's series of nitrogen liquefier products can provide customers with more choices, establish small nitrogen liquefaction stations for major laboratories, and timely solve the needs of liquid nitrogen use.

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PSA pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator

Under a certain pressure, there is a significant difference in the diffusion rates of nitrogen and oxygen in the air on carbon molecular sieves. In a short period of time, oxygen molecules are heavily adsorbed by carbon molecular sieves, and nitrogen molecules are enriched in the gas phase, achieving oxygen nitrogen separation. Due to the significant difference in oxygen adsorption capacity of carbon molecular sieves with different pressures, reducing the pressure can desorb the oxygen molecules adsorbed by carbon molecular sieves, allowing them to regenerate and be reused repeatedly. Adopting two adsorption tower processes, one tower produces nitrogen through adsorption and the other tower undergoes desorption and regeneration, with alternating cycles to continuously produce high-quality nitrogen.

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ZYN-C Carbon and Nitrogen Purification Equipment

Working principle: At a certain temperature, the residual nitrogen in low-purity nitrogen undergoes a nitridation reaction with the carbon provided by the carbon supported catalyst: C02 generated by C+02=C02 is removed and deeply dehydrated by pressure swing adsorption process to obtain high-purity nitrogen.

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ZYN-H hydrogenation nitrogen purification equipment

Using a purification process that combines two efficient catalysts, hydrogenation and deoxygenation are carried out at room temperature, followed by the removal of excess hydrogen (when hydrogen content is required). Through the purification process of deep water and impurities, high-purity nitrogen gas is obtained.

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ZYO pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator

Compressed air enters an adsorption tower equipped with zeolite molecular sieves after removing impurities such as oil, water, and dust through the air purification system. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor in the air are heavily adsorbed by the molecular sieves, while oxygen passes through the adsorbent due to its high diffusion rate, achieving nitrogen and oxygen separation. When the nitrogen and other impurities adsorbed in the adsorption tower reach saturation, the pressure is reduced to allow the zeolite molecules to desorb and regenerate, allowing for repeated recycling. Two adsorption towers are used to circulate under the control of PLC, continuously producing high-quality oxygen.

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VPSA vacuum pressure swing adsorption oxygen production equipment

The VPSA oxygen production system mainly consists of a blower, vacuum pump, switching valve, adsorber, and oxygen balance tank. After removing dust particles through the suction filter, the raw air is pressurized to 0.3-0.5 barg by the Roots blower and enters one of the adsorbers. The adsorber is filled with adsorbent, in which water, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of other gas components are adsorbed by the activated alumina loaded at the bottom at the inlet of the adsorber, and then nitrogen is adsorbed by the zeolite molecular sieve loaded at the top of the activated alumina. Oxygen (including argon) is a non adsorbed component that is discharged from the top outlet of the adsorber as product gas to the oxygen balance tank. When the adsorber adsorbs to a certain extent, the adsorbent in it will reach a saturated state. At this time, a vacuum pump is used to vacuum it through a switching valve (opposite to the adsorption direction), with a vacuum degree of 0.65-0.75barg. The adsorbed water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and a small amount of other gas components are extracted and discharged into the atmosphere, and the adsorbent is regenerated.

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