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ZYL compression heat regeneration compressed air dryer

Non-heat regenerative compressed air dryer is a kind of equipment which uses microporous desiccant to absorb water molecules to dry compressed air according to pressure swing adsorption principle.

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Compressed air purification equipment series


Product Details

The working principle of

Compression heat regenerative compressed air dryer is a kind of adsorption desiccant which is developed by using the heat of high temperature exhaust of centrifugal air compressor to directly heat regenerative desiccant. It avoids the disadvantages of short switching time and large regeneration gas consumption of the non-thermal regenerative compressed air dryer, and also overcomes the disadvantages of large energy consumption of the regenerative compressed air desiccant. Compressed air dryer has no gas consumption and low energy consumption when heating and regeneration. It is a new type of energy-saving equipment.

Technical characteristics

The gas dew point of the finished product is stable.

PLC control, LCD real-time display equipment running state;

A variety of fault alarm and processing functions;

Reserved regeneration heater, when the air compressor exhaust temperature is low, to prevent the desiccant regeneration is not sufficient, can also be manually switched to the ordinary micro-thermal operation;

Optional RS485/RS232, linkage interface and dew point detection function;

Reasonable structure design, easy to operate and maintain.

Technical indicators

· Treatment gas volume: 80~600Nm3/min

· Intake temperature: 110℃-220℃

· Gas dew point of finished product: -40℃

· Cooling water temperature: 32℃

· Working pressure: 0.6-1.0MPa (higher or lower working pressure can be customized)

· Cooling water pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa

· Regeneration gas consumption: 2%~3%

· Adsorption cycle: 8 hours or dew point control (switchable)


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