Working principle of nitrogen making machine


PSA pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production mechanism nitrogen principle

Carbon molecular sieve can absorb oxygen and nitrogen in the air at the same time, and its adsorption capacity also increases with the increase of pressure, and at the same pressure oxygen and nitrogen equilibrium adsorption capacity has no obvious difference. Therefore, it is difficult to complete the effective separation of oxygen and nitrogen only by the change of pressure. If further consideration is given to adsorption rates, the adsorption properties of oxygen and nitrogen can be effectively distinguished. The diameter of oxygen molecules is smaller than that of nitrogen molecules, so the diffusion rate is hundreds of times faster than that of nitrogen, so the speed of carbon molecular sieve adsorption of oxygen is also very fast, adsorption of about 1 minutes to reach more than 90%; At this time, the amount of nitrogen adsorption is only about 5%, so the adsorption is mostly oxygen, and the rest is mostly nitrogen. In this way, if the adsorption time is controlled within 1 minute, you can initially separate oxygen and nitrogen, that is to say, adsorption and desorption are achieved by pressure difference, when the pressure increases adsorption, desorption when the pressure drops. The distinction between oxygen and nitrogen is based on the adsorption speed difference between the two, through the control of adsorption time to achieve, the time control is very short, oxygen has been fully adsorbed, and nitrogen has not yet had time to adsorption, stopped the adsorption process. Therefore, pressure change and time control for nitrogen production by pressure swing adsorption should be within 1 minute.

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