Air compressor room size design matters needing attention


A lot of air compressor users ignore the importance of the design of air compressor room. They think that the air compressor is installed there as long as it is not in the way. But in the late stage, they have learned the bitter fruit of unreasonable design of air compressor room. In summer, air compressor room heat dissipation is not good, and high temperature of air compressor frequently occurs; Air compressor maintenance is not convenient; The construction of waste heat recovery engineer of air compressor is not convenient, so we should ensure that the design of air compressor in the air compressor room is reasonable. If you are an engineer, what will you remind your users to pay attention to in the design of air compressor room?

1. Before the design of air compressor room, it is necessary to understand the design specification and matters needing attention of air compressor room.

2. Choose a place with low relative humidity, less dust, clean air and good ventilation. If the ambient temperature is too high (greater than 45℃), it is recommended to take cooling measures (such as avoiding direct sunlight, opening doors and Windows, etc.) to avoid unnecessary high-temperature shutdown; If the ambient temperature is low (less than 0℃), the freezing point temperature of the lubricating oil must be controlled above the ambient temperature. Consider not only summer low temperatures, but also winter low temperatures, and think long term.

3. If the factory environment is poor and dusty, a ventilation duct should be installed to lead the intake end to a place where the air is relatively clean. The installation of the conduit must be easy to disassemble and assemble for maintenance. The installation size should refer to the external size of the air compressor.

4. There must be enough space around the air compressor for other parts to enter and leave. There must be at least a distance of more than 1500mm between the air compressor and the wall. As far as possible with lifting equipment. The distance between the air compressor and the top space is more than 1500mm.

In a word, the design of air compressor room should come from the gas demand that you want to meet, and can not be strictly in accordance with the book knowledge. But the basic matters needing attention should be understood and applied to the actual design of the air compressor room.

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