Compressed air filter replacement steps and matters needing attention


Compressed air filter use time is too long, will lead to too much internal impurities, affect the gas flow rate, pressure, filtration effect; Therefore, the replacement of compressed air filters needs to be carried out regularly.

The general replacement cycle is 1 year. If the user uses the environment well, it can be appropriate for a long time. If the environment is bad, it may need to be replaced in about 8 months.

Compressed air filter element replacement steps:

1. Confirm that the air pressure system has stopped running;

2. Prepare suitable filter elements (specifications, material, size, O-ring material, model, etc.), disassembly tools, collection barrels, rags, etc.;

3. Disconnect the filter element that needs to be replaced from the system. Slowly open the exhaust port at the top of the filter to relieve pressure, pay attention to safety during the process to prevent splashing of materials or liquids;

4. Empty the material in the filter, open the upper cover of the filter with a tool, take out the filter element, and install the filter element with a plastic bag to be scrapped;

5. Clean the inside of the filter with a rag;

7, check the O-ring for damage, aging and other problems;

8. The material inflow is installed according to the method of inflow from the outside of the filter element and outflow from inside the filter element.

9. Hold the filter element near one end of the O-ring, insert the filter element socket into the filter element socket vertically, insert the filter element, then install the upper cover of the filter, and tighten the filter with a tool;

In the process of replacing the filter element, sealing and cleaning are the most critical work, so in the process of O ring, screw, cover, etc., we should be especially careful.

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