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Nitrogen trifluoride at room temperature is a colorless, odorless, stable gas, is a strong oxidant, nitrogen trifluoride is mainly used in fluorine agent, combustion agent, propellant oxidant, high temperature metal cutting oil, etc., widely used in the semiconductor industry. However, in the early years, the related products were monopolized by foreign countries, and the market pricing power was in the hands of foreign manufacturers.

In order to break the monopoly crisis and seize the market opportunity, China successfully developed high purity nitrogen trifluoride in 2009. The products are listed in the national "key new products" and "torch plan", applied in most of the domestic semiconductor, liquid crystal, solar energy industry, and exported to the United States, Japan, France, Germany and other countries.

At present, China has built the largest domestic nitrogen trifluoride and other products R & D production base. The coverage rate of nitrogen trifluoride in the domestic market is more than 95% and that in the international market is 30%. In the past two years, the annual growth rate has reached 30%, and we strive to achieve an annual output of 12,000 tons of high-purity nitrogen trifluoride gas by 2020.

China's electronic gas is still a short board in the development of electronic materials, need to focus on development. At present, the production of high purity nitrogen trifluoride gas can meet the domestic demand. With the development of semiconductor electronics industry, it is not known whether the production of high purity nitrogen trifluoride gas can also meet the development of the industry.

Therefore, although the production of high purity nitrogen trifluoride in China has made a breakthrough, whether it can really reduce the market price is still a problem!

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