Air separation equipment petrochemical market share doubled


From the China general machinery industry association branch of gas separation equipment, nearly three years in our country the air separation equipment market structure change in quietly, although the market is still in metallurgical industry is given priority to, but with the rapid development of petrochemical industry, fertilizer industry, air separation equipment in petrochemical industry market share has increased from 14.5% in 2002 to around 30% in 2005. In addition, the large-scale development trend of air separation equipment is more obvious, and the manufacturing technology is becoming more and more mature.

It is reported that in 2005, among the 25 sets of air separation equipment above 30,000 grade signed in the domestic market, 10 sets are used in the petrochemical and fertilizer industry; A total of 39 sets of air separation equipment above 20,000 grade have been signed in the whole industry, among which 25 sets of large air separation equipment above 30,000 grade have been signed, which is the fastest year for the development of large air separation equipment market in history.

Experts believe that there are three main reasons driving the large-scale development of air separation equipment in China. First, after the macro-control of the steel industry in China, the joint restructuring of the metallurgical industry has brought about new market demand. Second, the development of petrochemical and chemical fertilizer industries, especially the launch of coal-to-oil, large-scale chemical fertilizer and large-scale ethylene projects, has opened up new development space for large-scale air separation equipment. Third, the manufacturing technology of large-scale air separation equipment in China has become increasingly mature and the advantages of cost performance have won the trust of more and more domestic users.

In addition, China's air separation equipment manufacturing industry has made new breakthroughs in new product development and new technology application, which has promoted the development of China's air separation equipment manufacturing technology. Among them, the hangyang co., LTD. Provide Iran with two sets of 63000 m3 / h air separation equipment is the maximum level of the current domestic self-developed air separation equipment, the device adopts the low molecular sieve purification absorption, medium voltage air pressurization turbine expander, structured packing and full of pure argon flow system technology of an internal compression process of oxygen, fill the blank of our country develop the level of 60000 air separation equipment; The 52000m3/h air separation equipment provided for the 500,000-ton/year methanol project of Zhongyuan University Chemical Co., Ltd is the largest domestically made air separation equipment in China by adopting the process of air pressurization and oxygen and nitrogen double pump internal compression. It is also reported that at present in the oxygen pressure of 4.6Mpa above the use of chemical enterprises in the air separation device, have adopted the liquid oxygen pump compression process, oxygen extraction rate can reach 95% ~ 97%, argon extraction rate can reach 70% ~ 80%, these technical indicators have been close to the international advanced level.  

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