Activated carbon filter filter material can be used repeatedly?


Active carbon filter is a very common activated carbon filter equipment, in many production links will appear, and can provide better filtration work, help enterprises to complete the corresponding filtration needs. But many people in the use of activated carbon filter, but will produce a certain misunderstanding, that is, the filter material in the activated carbon filter, is through a simple cleaning method can be used repeatedly, and can be used indefinitely, this idea is actually wrong, Xiaobian to do the analysis for you.

Activated carbon filter filter material cleaning needs a professional method

First of all, we should know that the filter material of the active carbon filter must be active carbon, and many people have heard of the active carbon through cleaning, can be used repeatedly, at this time Xiaobian remind you that cleaning is a certain professional method is needed.

Now a lot of places of active carbon cleaning method, illustrated by sun, will be saturated activated carbon material exclusion, let the tiny pores in the activated carbon can work again, but note that, in the production needs to be activated carbon filter to filter the liquid or gas, which contains impurities and can not be completed through simple exposure can clean, but need to use a more professional approach, to make these impurities completely separated from activated carbon. If only after a simple exposure to the sun, the active carbon continues to be put into work, then after a very short period of time, it will be found that the active carbon is saturated again, unable to work. So want to repeatedly use activated carbon filter filter material, is the need to use professional cleaning methods.

Active carbon filter filter material repeated cleaning will also be damaged

Although professional cleaning work, can make the repeated use of the activated carbon filter filter, but small make up remind everybody, activated carbon filter filter material itself is relatively weak, in the process of cleaning, there is a certain loss, but if not replace the filter material, directly to the damaged filter material into work, may cause the filter material into some of the filter material residue, appear the phenomenon of secondary pollution, so when found that activated carbon filter filter material has been damaged, you need to replace the new filter material to filter the work in time.

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