Precision filters still have a lot of room for development


The advantage of precision filters is that they can more effectively remove impurities in the liquid. In today's market, the construction of direct drinking water is constantly opening up and developing. Direct drinking water has great potential, which depends on various types of precision filters. To distinguish a concept, precision filters are not only used in industrial production, medicine and food, but also play an important role in drinking water in daily life.

Filter water through the precision filter is also the core component of some water filters, not only can block the impurities in the water, including particulate matter, suspended matter, but also can block some impurities in the air, and some other automatic cleaning components together, to decontamination, prevent corrosion and bacteria generation effect. The new type of water filter has overcome the problems of small capacity of the traditional filter and the blockage of impurities in the filter net. Precision filter plays an important role in the development of water treatment.

The water filter device of sewage filtration in our country was produced in about 1970, and when to the 1980s, the technology of the filter has been a little development, but the power control of the device, there is a certain gap with the advanced filter of foreign countries; Now, the domestic filter device can basically overcome some water treatment problems, but there is still room for further development, and strive for reasonable configuration with other accessories, to develop a more scientific and effective filter, applied to water treatment, petrochemical industry, medicine.

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