Adding new gas sources to the West-East Natural Gas Pipeline ensures the rapid growth of demand


Well Keshen 902, China's first onshore natural gas production well with a depth of more than 8,000 meters, has been put into operation recently, delivering 400,000 cubic meters of natural gas per day, adding a new gas source to the west-east natural gas pipeline. The Keshen 902 well, located in Baicheng County, Xinjiang Province, is the first and deepest natural gas well to be put into operation on land in China. The production of this well will promote the development of ultra-deep oil and gas resources in Tarim Oilfield, which is of great significance to the construction of 30 billion cubic meters of atmosphere in Tarim Oilfield and the guarantee of China's energy security.

Tarim oilfield is one of the main gas sources of west-east natural gas transmission. In recent years, with the increase of gas consumption in the lower reaches of west-east natural gas transmission and gas consumption in the pipeline network of natural gas benefit project in southern Xinjiang, Tarim oilfield continuously strengthens oil and gas exploration and strives to ensure the gas supply. By the end of 2017, the total gas supply from the oilfield to the east exceeded 200 billion cubic meters.

Opinions of accelerate the natural gas utilization, points out that natural gas will be to be one of the main energy of our country's modern clean energy system, by 2020, natural gas in primary energy consumption structure in proportion to about 10%, to 2030, strive for the natural gas in primary energy consumption proportion increased to 15%.

The guideline on energy work in 2018 calls for China's total energy consumption to be capped at around 4.55 billion tons of standard coal. The proportion of non-fossil energy consumption and natural gas consumption will rise to around 14.3 percent and 7.5 percent respectively, and the proportion of coal consumption will drop to around 59 percent.

According to data released by the National Development and Reform Commission, in April 2018, China's apparent consumption of natural gas was 22.13 billion cubic meters, up 16.7% year on year; The cumulative apparent consumption of natural gas from January to April was 91.13 billion cubic meters, up 16.7% year on year. The main reasons for the steady increase in consumption are the steady progress in replacing coal with gas, the recovery of the macro economy and the high price of alternative fuels.

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