What function does the freeze dryer have for production?


Compressed air is widely used and has become the second largest industrial power source. The compressed air freezer dryer is used for drying compressed air equipment.

In the compressed air, there are mainly water, dust and oil that need to be removed. The refrigerated dryer undertakes the work of water removal.

What's the harm of water?

The atmosphere contains a large number of water molecules, after being compressed to produce a large number of liquid water, will make the pipeline and equipment rust.

In spraying, PCB and other industries, it will also pollute raw materials, which has a great impact on the production quality.

Therefore, the freeze dryer emerged at the historic moment. It is used to dry compressed air through freezing cooling technology. After the compressed air processed by the freeze dryer, 95% of the water molecules are removed.

At present, the air compressor station in China is basically equipped with a refrigerated dryer, which is economical and practical, convenient to operate, and not much energy consumption (electricity).

If the freeze dryer is not used, there will be a large amount of water in the compressed air into the back end of the gas, resulting in equipment failure and damage, pipeline corrosion, product defect rate reduction will greatly increase the production cost, bringing a huge burden to the enterprise.

We have seen a textile factory in Dongguan. Due to the lack of understanding of compressed air and the low initial budget, a filter was installed at the back end, so that a large amount of liquid water entered the air jet loom and pipeline. Although the water did little harm to the cloth, the failure rate of the equipment was very high, and the monthly loss cost was tens of thousands of yuan.

And a freeze dryer only needs several thousand yuan, so the biggest role of the freeze dryer for enterprises is to reduce production costs.

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