The application of freeze dryer is everywhere


Because with the wide application of air compressor in various industries and fields, and with the strict requirements of users on the quality of compressed air, people are more and more in favor of high quality compressed air. However, we have to understand a fact is that the so-called oil-free air compressor on the air compressor market can be truly oil-free? The answer is clearly no. Just the amount of oil.

At the same time, under the expensive procurement cost of oil-free air compressor, we still remind users to choose carefully. So, there will certainly be customers ask, we require high quality compressed air, you do not allow to buy oil-free air compressor, then what should we do? Can't use cheap oil machine to replace it? Of course, we can not replace the oil machine. The freeze dryer is an important product in the post-processing equipment of the air compressor, which can well solve the problem of customers. Because the cold and dry machine can carry out a good secondary filtration of compressed air, users can rest assured of the use of high quality compressed air.

One thing we all know is that the most abundant content of compressed air is not oil but water. Therefore, when purifying compressed air, the most important work is to remove water in the air. Although there are many other impurities, they are far less than the content of water. And adsorption dryer in compressed air treatment of usage is inferior to person use, mostly because blot machine cost is too high, the cost of a product price is much higher than the frozen type dryer, factories will give priority to person, blot machine in compressed air treatment effect must be the most ideal, but as a loss type products is it fly in the ointment, and its larger defects.

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