Uses and common preparation methods of nitrogen


First, the nature of nitrogen

Nitrogen, under normal conditions, is a colorless, tasteless, odorless gas and is usually non-toxic. Nitrogen accounts for 78.12% of the total atmosphere (volume fraction). At normal temperature, it is a gas. At standard atmospheric pressure, it becomes a colorless liquid when it is cooled to -195.8℃. When it is cooled to -209.86℃, liquid nitrogen becomes a snow-like solid. Usage: chemical synthesis (synthetic nylon, acrylic fiber, synthetic resin, synthetic rubber and other important raw materials), automobile tires (nitrogen can effectively reduce the noise of tires, prolong the service life of tires). Because nitrogen is chemically inert, it is often used as a protective gas, such as melon, fruit, food, and light bulb filling gas.

Two, the use of nitrogen

Nitrogen in metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, electronics and other departments, as feedstock gas, protective gas, replacement gas and sealing gas. Liquid nitrogen products are also widely used in food frozen, vegetables and fruits preservation. It is also widely used in agriculture and animal husbandry, such as insecticidal grain storage, frozen storage of semen of superior livestock, etc. Is the constituent of proteins in plants and animals.

With the progress of science and technology and the development of economy, the application scope of nitrogen is expanding day by day.

Take advantage of the inertia of nitrogen

Metal thermal processing: bright quenching, bright annealing, carburizing, carbonitriding, soft nitriding and other nitrogen based atmosphere heat treatment of nitrogen source, welding and powder metallurgy burning process protection gas, etc.

Metallurgical industry: continuous casting, continuous rolling, steel annealing protective atmosphere, BOF top compound blowing nitrogen steelmaking, steelmaking BOF seal, BF top seal, BF ironmaking pulverized coal injection and other processes.

Using cryogenic liquid nitrogen

Electronic industry: large-scale integrated circuit, color TV picture tube, TV and recorder components and conductor production process protection, etc.

Food preservation: food, fruit (fruit), vegetables and other air conditioning storage and preservation, meat, cheese, mustard, tea and coffee, such as fresh packaging, jam, such as nitrogen oxygenation preservation, various bottles of wine purification and covering, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese medicine (ginseng) nitrogen filling storage and preservation, western medicine injection nitrogen filling, storage tank and container nitrogen filling oxygen, drug pneumatic transmission of air source, etc.

Chemical industry: replacement, cleaning, sealing, leak detection and protection of gas, dry quenching, catalyst regeneration, petroleum fractionation, chemical fiber production, etc.

Fertilizer industry: raw material of nitrogen fertilizer. Catalyst protection copy, washing gas, etc.

Plastics industry: pneumatic transmission of plastic particles, plastic production and storage oxidation prevention.

Rubber industry: rubber packaging and storage, tire production, etc.

Glass industry: Protective gas for float glass production process.

Petroleum industry: nitrogen filling and purification of storage, containers, catalytic towers and pipelines, pressure leak detection of management systems, etc.

Offshore oil development: gas covering of offshore oil platforms, nitrogen injection for oil recovery, tank and container inerting, etc.

Lump storage: to prevent cellar, barn and other warehouse combustible dust ignition and explosion, etc.

Shipping: oil tanker cleaning gas, etc.

Aerospace technology: rocket fuel booster, launch pad replacement gas and safety protection gas, astronaut control gas, space simulation room, aircraft fuel pipeline cleaning gas, etc.

Other: paint and coating nitrogen oxygenation to prevent the polymerization of oil drying, oil and natural gas storage tanks and containers nitrogen oxygenation, etc.

Using cryogenic liquid nitrogen

Hypothermia medicine: surgical hypothermia, cryotherapy, blood refrigeration, drug freezing and cryopatter, etc.

Biomedicine: cryopreservation and transportation of precious plants, plant cells, genetic germplasm, etc.

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