Some industrial applications of nitrogen


In the process of industrial production, toxic and harmful, volatile, flammable and explosive materials need to be protected by inert gases. Nitrogen, as one of the inert gases, has a rich gas source, with a content of 79% in the air, and has been increasingly widely used in production. At present, the single making device is widely used in safety protection gas, replacement gas, nitrogen injection three times oil recovery, coal mine fire prevention and fire fighting, nitrogen based atmosphere heat treatment, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof, electronic industry, integrated circuit, etc.

Carbon molecular sieves and zeolite molecular sieves are used more in the field of nitrogen production. The separation of oxygen and nitrogen by molecular sieve is mainly based on the different diffusion rates of the two gases on the surface of molecular sieve. Carbon molecular sieve is a carbon-based adsorbent with some characteristics of activated carbon and molecular sieve. Carbon molecular sieves are composed of very small pores. The smaller diameter gas diffuses faster and enters the solid phase of the molecular sieve, so that the nitrogen enrichment component can be obtained in the gas phase. Molecular sieve nitrogen is air as raw material, with carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, using the principle of pressure change adsorption, the use of carbon molecular sieve on oxygen and nitrogen selective adsorption and separation of nitrogen and oxygen method, commonly known as PSA nitrogen device.

As adsorbent for different gases in the adsorption capacity and adsorption speed, adsorption and other differences, as well as the adsorbent adsorption capacity varies with pressure change, therefore the PSA nitrogen making device can be finished in a pressurized conditions of mixed gas adsorption separation process, reduce pressure desorption adsorption by the impurity components, so as to realize the recycling of gas separation and adsorbent.

In some emerging material industry, electronic industry, integrated circuit, beer beverage and other inert gas applications are also constantly expanding new application fields. For example, the new PSA nitrogen production device has been used for inert protection of mobile phone lithium battery production, nitrogen packaging for beer and beverage, nitrogen dehydration and drying in organosilicone production, and nitrogen packaging for snack food instead of air and deoxidizer. The application of nitrogen makes the products of these enterprises in the process technology, product quality has been improved, to win the core competitiveness.

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