Gas separation equipment: localization is still the top priority


The new normal will be the main theme of the 13th Five-Year Plan period. From the perspective of the various fields of gas separation equipment application, after the 12th five-year development, petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, metallurgy, building materials, machinery and other fields, and photovoltaic industry, electronic industry, production capacity has reached the high level, further improve the possibility of smaller, this will make "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" during the application of gas separation equipment in these areas is greatly reduced. But at the same time, China's GDP will maintain a growth rate of 6.5% ~ 7%, gas separation equipment industry will still have a certain development. In addition, market-oriented reform and the implementation of "going out" strategy are also expected to further stimulate the vitality of gas separation equipment.

At present, the gas separation equipment manufacturing industry has formed the following development ideas: in the "13th Five-Year" period, continue to promote the localization of super large air separation equipment, and realize the localization of supporting key components on the basis of fully mastering the complete set of integration technology. Products to high quality, better performance, technology integration direction development. Substantive progress has been made in the application research of special gases, high purity gases and rare gases. Promote the research of cryogenic engineering and petrochemical related products, especially natural gas and coalbed methane. Establish a large experimental research platform in the field of air separation and low temperature, and carry out research on the mechanism of air separation. It can be seen that localization is still the top priority in the development of gas separation equipment manufacturing industry in the "13th Five Year Plan".

Gas separation equipment industry should also accelerate the transformation from traditional manufacturing industry to manufacturing service industry. First, air separation equipment industry as the main body extends to both ends, the upstream focuses on the development of complete engineering service business, the downstream focuses on the development of industrial gas business, to strengthen the application research of industrial gas; Second, "expand the horizontal", while developing complete sets of air separation equipment and key supporting units business, take into account the horizontal development of petrochemical low-temperature related industries and characteristic products with competitive advantages; Third, while maintaining the domestic market share to open up the international market.

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