Must the dryer be installed behind the air compressor?


Must the dryer be installed in the air compressor post-treatment equipment? The answer is yes, if your enterprise is useful to the air compressor, you must know that the air compressor must be installed after the dryer. After the air compressor, the air storage tank, filter and dryer and other purification equipment need to be installed.

It is well known that when the air around us is compressed, the amount of water molecules per unit volume rises dramatically. The compression process results in air containing not only liquid water, oil, and particulate matter, but also large amounts of saturated water molecules. Once the external temperature drops, the saturated water molecules are affected by the low temperature and precipitate liquid water. The lower the temperature, the more liquid water precipitates. When the temperature drops to zero, the liquid water condenses into ice, resulting in ice blockage. And the compressed air containing too much water molecules will also affect the normal operation of the equipment, corrosion of machinery and equipment, causing damage to pneumatic components and so on.

Some people may ask, to remove the water molecules in compressed air, you can directly use a filter to remove it, why buy a large price dryer? Why is that? This is because the filter can only remove liquid water in the compressed air, but the water molecules in the compressed air will continue to precipitate liquid water with the lower the temperature. In addition to liquid water, the water molecules in the compressed air will also affect the life of machinery and equipment and the production process of enterprises. Purchase dryer, can dry the water molecules in the compressed air, so that the compressed air can meet the gas standards of the enterprise, so as to meet the production needs of the enterprise.

Investment in air compressor post-treatment equipment dryer return is very high, it effectively reduces the water molecules in the air, avoids the damage of machinery and equipment and gas equipment, can improve the production process of enterprises, reduce the product defect rate, and ensure the final product quality.

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