Cause analysis of failure of cold and dry machine


Person just as its name implies is used for cooling equipment of the object, the application range is wide, often can be seen generally is used as part of the high pressure compressor, in the usual application and operation process, we will inevitably encounter some person malfunction, next we common several kind of problem for your answer.

1. What is the reason for the high exhaust temperature of the cold and dry machine?

1. The inlet temperature of the compressed air in the high pressure compressor is too high or the flow rate is too large.

2. The change of the working condition of the refrigeration system causes the rise of the refrigerant evaporation temperature, so that the compressed air is not cooled enough in the evaporator.

3. The heat dissipation of the outer wall of the precooler pipeline is too large.

Two. What is the reason for the low temperature of the cold and dry machine?

1. The heat exchange area of the precooler is not enough and the refrigerating capacity of the evaporator is surplus.

2. The inlet temperature of compressed air in the high pressure compressor is low or the flow rate is too small.

3, the refrigeration system working conditions change, so that the refrigerant evaporation pressure is lower than the normal value.

Three, the amount of refrigerant perfusion on the cold and dry machine what effect?

1, the refrigerant perfusion is too little, the cold and dry opportunity to appear the following phenomena:

(1) evaporation pressure, cold pressure are lower than normal operation, but the air dew point is not down.

(2) the compressor shell is hot.

2, refrigerant perfusion is too much, cold dry opportunity:

(1) because the refrigerant liquid is deposited in the cold suspect, the cold suspect area is reduced, the cold suspect pressure is increased, and the high pressure trip is caused in serious cases.

(2) Refrigeration compressor load increase. Difficult start-up.

(3) the refrigerant in the evaporator is not fully vaporized, so that wet steam into the compressor, there is a risk of "liquid compression".

(4) due to the rise of cold pressure, the cooling capacity of the high pressure compressor is reduced, and the air dew point rises.

The above is the related problems of the cold and dry machine in the high pressure compressor. After we understand the problem, we should pay more attention to this problem in normal use, so that the use of the machine is more efficient.

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